How many times have you wanted to kick yourself for forgetting the most simplest of travel items or of not thinking of using something you use everyday to solve a problem. Here are a few of my favorites in the health category.

It’s the simple things in life. We spend so much on time and money on vacations that sometimes we lose sight of the purpose of our travel or the accessories we need to help us stay healthy. These simple items can greatly improve your chances of not having your vacation ruined by something you can catch or be bitten by.

BLEACH WIPES : At about 8 cents a wipe, these handy little wonders will kill most viruses, bacteria and even insect eggs. Use them for wiping down whatever you might want to touch, handles, tv remotes, counter tops etc.

IMUNO BOOSTER : I know of only one product which has been proven to help prevent and cut the duration of colds, it’s called Cold/FX. This highly purified extract comes from north american ginseng. It’s great to start taking these a week before traveling and then during, to lessens your chances of catching something or getting you back on your feet faster. A bit pricey, about 35 cents per 200mg capsule at my favorite big box store.

TRAVEL SHEET: Nothing can impact your vacation like poor or dirty bedding. Haven’t you pulled back the filthy bedspread on numerous hotel beds to find questionable sheets. They look clean but there’s a hair or something that just doesn’t sit right, not enough to go through the hassle of changing rooms even if there are available rooms. A great travelsheet is wonderful thing. It’s easy to pack, easy to use and the really great ones are a snap to wash. I use a 100% cotton Allersac, it’s zippered and made of the same 400 thread count sateen that I use at home on my bed I use it no matter how much I pay for the room and between the bed bugs and the bleach, I just sleep better knowing my face is planted on sheets that I washed. The most expensive item on the list at about 50 bucks. But, because you can own one for years, it evens out.

ZIPLOCK BAGS : Think about this, the tv remote is the dirtiest thing in the room. Bed bugs can stowaway in or on any of your belongings. The person who washes the bathroom will touch your cosmetics, toothbrush, brush etc. when cleaning the bathroom. 
  To combat all these possibilities...ziplock bags of varying sizes. Pennies a bag.

HAND SANITIZER : Duh ! Although there have been a few studies which show that, on the whole, hand sanitizers do not cut the incidence of sickness as well as just plain soap and water but in a pinch, they’re great. $1 - $2.00 for an 8oz. bottle.

HONORABLE MENTION : For the slightly paranoid, painters tape. Wrap around  the legs of the bed and/or around the headboard after inspecting the mattress and headboard. Anything that crawls over the tape will stick. Take that, bed bugs. About $3 - $4.00 for a 60 yard roll.

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