Imagine Traveling With Peace of Mind

In this day and age, travel has become an expensive, time consuming and frequently unfulfilling luxury. Allersac is trying to turn that tide with the introduction of it's newest product, a 100% cotton percale, 400 thread per inch, breathable,travel sheet. Allerasc is designed to help protect the user from questionable bedding, allergens, dust mites, bed bugs, lice and harsh detergents.

" So many people today are affected by allergies to dust mite and animal dander, why not use a product to alleviate the suffering" said Jeff Solomon, president of Allersac. " I just got tired of checking into a hotel and having to change rooms because of bed linens that were just unacceptable. Hotels used to be so much cleaner, now, you don't even know if the sheets have been changed, let alone how dirty the bedspread, blankets, and pillows are. I tried other brands of travel sheet, but none of them could be washed in hot water and dried on high heat, which, by the way, is the only way to inactivate, remove or kill allergens and pests without chemicals. I wanted a travel sheet that would stand up to repeated washings while still providing comfort as well as being easily packed for a trip. Allersac comes in it's own vinyl carry case which prevents cross contamination."

What makes Allersac so unique is the fact that it can be washed in hot water and dried on any heat setting in a household dryer. Other features include, a robust zippered closure, extra long fold over top and a pillow pocket. When you use an Allersac you are putting a natural, breathable, protective barrier between yourself, the sheets, pillows , blankets and bedspread. Our sateen finished percale is soft and luxurious, with a thread count of 400, the same quality found in high end bedding.

Bedbugs are already epidemic in most major cities, which is why Allersac is zippered, not snapped, buttoned or hook and looped. Our nylon coil safety zipper provides the best closure with fewest openings or voids to help shield you from bedbugs and lice.Allersac is simple to use and only takes a minute to put on a bed

Allersac can be used in hotels, motels, cruise ships and trains, as well as a seat liner/cover on planes and buses. Just slip the pillow pocket over the top of the seat and sit down or climb in and take a nap. For children with allergies, Allersac can help mitigate exposure to allergens while sleeping at a friends house. Even unexpected house guests will appreciate an Allersac. Versatility, affordability, comfort and performance makes Allersac a great choice.

"At $49.95, Allersac is a sound investment" states Jeff, " It'll pay for itself the first time you use it. I have found there is very little difference between the budget room and the higher end room. Price does not guarantee cleanliness. With an Allersac in your luggage, the uncertainty of which hotel to choose, is greatly diminished. Just the peace of mind you get with an Allersac, makes the purchase worth while. Think about Allersac like you think about insurance, you may never need it , but if you do..... "

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