A New Level of Comfort for the Business/Executive Traveler

Work harder, expense less, stay lean. This could be the mantra for every executive in these tough economic times. Allersac introduces it's unique new product to help the traveling executive to save money , be comfortable and stay competitive.

With all companies cutting back on travel costs, it has become important for the business traveler to economize when it comes to hotel stays. The days of booking that 4 star room have vanished. Expense accounts need to be trimmed and hotel costs are one of the victims of the economic downturn. But how does the business traveler stay competitive and comfortable.

Allersac introduces it's unique anti-allergen travel sheet. Made of 100% combed cotton percale with a 400 thread count, Allersac is the designed to help shield the traveler against bed bugs, allergens such as animal and dust mite dander, lice, harsh detergents and dubious hotel bedding.

" If anyone knows about the dangers of hotel bedding, it's the business traveler " says Jeff Solomon, president of Allersac. " How many times does a business traveler check into a hotel, get to the room, only to find unclean bedding. The well traveled executive knows cleanliness and comfort are not dictated by price, unclean bedding or bed bugs can be found at even the most expensive of hotels."

Designed and constructed of high quality materials, Allersac is easy to use, easy to pack and easy to maintain. Available in two sizes, single and king size, with a pillow pocket, extra long fold over top sheet and zippered side entry, Allersac will protect, and provide a clean, soft, breathable barrier to make your sleep more restful and worry free. "Think about it, wouldn't you rather climb into a bed that you know is fresh and clean, rest your head on a pillow and not have to worry about who slept there last, fold the top sheet over the blankets which are only cleaned 8 or 9 times a year ? " asks Jeff. " With our 400 thread count, sateen finished, combed cotton, you'll be sleeping on your own sheets. "

Aside from it's high quality materials and construction, what makes Allersac so unique is the fact that it is so simple to clean, just toss Allersac into a washing machine and dryer, no fussy washing instructions or delicate cycles to contend with. Allersac can be used in hotels, motels, cruise ships and trains, as well as a seat liner/cover on planes and buses. Just slip the pillow pocket over the top of the seat and sit down or climb in and take a nap.

" At $49.95, Allersac will allow you to save money on your hotel expenses by choosing the less expensive room, while providing you with a clean, healthy, restful sleep" states Jeff. " Light weight and about the size of a magazine, Allersac is great insurance policy against the pratfalls of sleeping in a hotel room, you might not need it , but if you do..... "


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