The 4 Best Money Saving Travel Items For Budget Hotel Stays

So, your home is worth half it's value from last year, you're worried about your job and your 401K is tanking, but you still need to take a vacation or you'll go nuts. You got a great deal on plane tickets and can't wait to feel the hot sun on your face. You just wish you could find a cheaper hotel without worrying about the quality or cleanliness. 

 Why pay through the nose for a ritzy lobby and a flat screen TV when after all, all you're really going to do in the hotel is sleep, well maybe not ALL. I'm not saying you should choose the hotel with the chalk outline in the hallway and the exterminator van parked outside, but in my experience, most hotels are pretty much equal. Price does not determine cleanliness or satisfaction. The $70 a night room can be just as satisfying  as the $270 a night room, even more so when you factor in the cost. Ask yourself this, " what do I really need from my hotel ?"

If you're like me you need 3 things, a clean comfy bed, a clean bathroom, a descent TV for those down times, that's it. Good location ? Helps, but it's not a pre-requisite. A good restaurant ? If you're eating in the hotel restaurant maybe you should stay home. Do you really need that frilly duvet cover and selection of designer teas. Here's what I do to save my bucks for pina colada's instead of some fancy expensive hotel that just ends up not even being as good as the one half the price.

THE most important item for saving money is a travel sheet like Allersac. This product will enable you to peacefully enjoy any bed without the trepidation of unclean bedding.  A Travel sheet will cover the bed and pillow so you get peace of mind. Nothing will ruin a hotel stay faster than dubious bedding, and even if the sheets seem alright, that blanket or bedspread, no matter where you stay, is not very clean. I have experienced unchanged and dirty bedding in some very fine hotels. Conversely, some of the cleanest and most comfortable hotel beds I have slept in have been in budget hotels like Hampton Inn. So use a travel sheet, especially if you are sensitive to detergents or allergens like dust mites.

The next item is a sound generator. This is a small, alarm clock sized gizmo that produces a range of sounds like white noise or rain showers or waves. The one I use I bought at Brookstone for 25 bucks, it works great on 3 AA batteries. So many times I have stayed in a hotel in a big city like New York, and have been kept awake by outside sounds from traffic or sirens or that refrigerator cycling on and off. With an inexpensive sound generator, I sleep like a baby. Perfect for the hotel  off the beaten path or to close to the beaten path.

Clorox wipes, you heard me, Clorox wipes. A small pack of these babies will transform any moderately maintained hotel room and bathroom into a something you could perform minor surgery in. Wipe down all hard surfaces and the TV remote. Take some time and reap a healthy vacation free of those pesky colds so frequently picked up while away.

Last but not least, PROMO COUPONS. Once you have found  a few hotel choices, then search the web for promotional coupons for that hotel chain or specific hotel. Whether it's an AARP or AAA  discount rate, or Hilton Hotels or Holiday Inn Express promo codes, coupons are abundant, especially in the off season. Search thoroughly and compare which coupon gives the biggest bang for the buck. Some are percentage based, 10 or 20 percent savings off the price of the room, others are upgrades or service based, free meals, spa service etc. You would be very surprised at how much you can save with just a 20 minute investment of your time.

These 4 items will enable you to squeeze every last drop of value from your hard earned travel dollar by enabling you to comfortably stay at a budget hotel.

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