5 Tips For A Healthy Cruise

So, you're going on a cruise. That wonderful all-in travel experience which has become so popular lately. Just hop on the ship, no worries about accommodation, food, tours, entertainment and fun. Hold on there newbie, there are a few things you'll need to know before the fun begins.

Many a cruiser will tell of stories about colds, stomach flu, sunburns and cuts and bruises. Anytime you pack a few thousand human beings into a small space, even though your ship might be huge, there is always the chance of communicable illnesses. How many horror stories have surfaced in the news about ship borne viruses and bacterial infections, we've all heard of at least one. Well here are a five tips on making your cruise the most enjoyable experience possible.

1) Anti bacterial hand sanitizing liquids and lotions  are your friend. Buy a travel pack of 6 or more small, i mean those tiny plastic travel versions, and carry one on you where ever you go, even the pool or beach. Just pop it in you bag or purse or pocket. Use it, they work, why do you think hospitals use them. Make sure your kids use them too or apply to your kids especially before meals.

2) Think about that hamburger or chicken salad sandwich you're about to put in your mouth. Has it come from an open food bar, the all you eat can type. Were there sneeze guards, was the food chilled enough or hot enough,where the serving staff wearing gloves. Dining on board is usually not the problem, it's that poolside buffet that causes the stomach aches. Slow down, relax, the food will be there. Overeating especially foods you normally don't eat, is a big problem on cruise ships. Eat something, then wait 15 minutes, if you still want that shrimp salad, take half a serving.

3) Don't eat the street food when you get off the ship. If you want to eat something when on a day trip, find a restaurant with lots of people, locals if possible. Stay away from any food that has to be washed , like fruit, unless the port you are in is known to have drinkable water. No matter where you are, now is not the time to experiment with the local specialities. If your in port for a few days , seek out a reputable restaurant to go to to taste the local fare.

4) Bring a few bandaids along, not a whole box, just a few just in case. If you do scratch or cut yourself, apply a bandaid to lessen the chance of infection and have it cleaned well back on board. If the cut occurs on board, wash it well and apply some anti bacterial creme. Many a small cut has turned nasty, especially in the tropics.

5) If you're sleeping off the ship at all, or even if you've booked that cheapie getaway on an older ship or secondary cruise line to save a buck, you would be well served to invest in a travel sheet, like an Allersac. You never know what the bedding will be like and there is nothing that will ruin a trip like unclean bedding and an Allersac can be used on planes, trains  or bus seats. You might not need one , but if you do...

Hundreds of thousands of people every year travel by cruise ship, only a small percentage get sick. Have a great trip by planning well and taking a few, but important precautions. Happy cruising.

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